it’s my first time write about my personal story, opinion and reality. if you want track about my article you can find it on category ‘privacy personal’ you can send your opinion to with me don’t worry i really humble and open-minded person, you can contact me through my email, instagram, twitter. feel free to ask and share my article and in case you want added your opinion i will post on my blog hehe x )

i beg you are ever felt tired and want to run away? why? it is hard to accept our reality? then, what you gonna do? if there nothing you can do, everything is mess up it can’t be turn back like GPS. what we can do just face our reality. given up? i beg you ever think like that. “I want ended” “How to be unborn?” “I want to be a little kiddo who really innocent and pure” actually no.. no you can’t undo or back it again and yas or nah it’s our reality because YOLO.

maybe have you ever think. is there any someone who looking for me? but why i can’t meet that person? why it feel so hard? hm- yeah i ever think about that but sometimes feel like Deja Vu ‘is that you?’ ‘finally i found you’ etc and it repeat again and again and the answer it was not him/her. disappoint? of course.

even i am individualist but sometimes i can be socialist with another person but i never asked for help to that person. why? because i think i can do anything i am already mess up, there nothing that impossible if we want to challenge. failure? it’s okay it just start. dare to be failure 🙂 ah- anyway did you believe about success? but for me success is only for who has a good fate because i never believe success. even when i try to believe it.. it’s really useless for me ah- anyway that just my opinion because every person has different opinion right?

everyone please hang on there i believe every person has different problems and i believe too you can pass it every time it was so hard just believe that GOD always in our side. spread love lessen our hates.

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